Crypto Mining vs Crypto Trading

The issue for most people looking to get to cryptocurrency is:

If I mine cryptocurrency or if I reverse them such as stocks (buy low, sell high and profit over the margins)?

Are you wanting to gain from the long-run (years afterwards ) or even searching for quick gains (less than 1 year)?

Below, we Examine the expert’s and the con’s of trading and mining cryptocurrency


Crypto Minin


Ability to Correct profit margins by changing the finding cost-cutting steps of conducting the performance

Long-term investment, therefore short term booms and bust don’t impact one

Mining for use later on, where trade fees are probably planning to reduce because of the adoption of crypto and progress of technologies



Consistent profits

Huge investment (based on how big performance )

Huge time participation (finding springs, place to sponsor, power resource etc…)

Equation complexity (as more coins have been mined, the more complicated the equation, meaning that the use of more funds [power and hashrate] to mine 1 coin)

Mining Pool fee’s — To mine cryptocurrency efficiently, you’d want to combine a mining pool.

Trading Cryptocurrency


No investment in gear

Trading crypto is in some cases more protected then mining — crypto is stored in pockets to get a briefer interval, less likely to be stolen/hacked

Easy to handle, sell high and buy low — a con, as you Have to Be able to forecast the market tendency


Profit margins are based on marketplace tendencies; no method to boost margins

Transaction price to get trading and buying of this coin

Profit just accounts for the present value of the buck, long-term shrewd; the buck gained now is going to be a whole lot lower in contrast to some crypto coin evaluation.


Why Mining Is Your Better Choice

The focus will probably be from the next two subjects:

Stability / Value of the Dollar

Pricing / Cost (especially on the Price of miners)


With the recent uncertainty of this authorities in North America (seen below), acquiring a steady value in your advantage are your very best investment. The worth of this dollar/exchange speed is controlled by both the banks and regulations specified by the authorities, whilst cryptocurrency now isn’t. Employing U.S.A as an instance, the government can control the exchange rate via the source of cash or the rate of interest . Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is difficult to control as a result of how supply is dependent on the number of coins have been mined, which the authorities can’t control.


The present market is in high need for GPU’s to be used in both crypto mining and gambling. Nvidia and AMD, a couple of the largest GPU makers, weren’t anticipating such a high need due to their GPU’s that caused the supply, not fulfilling demand. Together with the equipment being low, scalpers are purchasing all of the GPU’s to pay to miners in a gain margin. Nvidia and AMD, being concentrated on producing GPU’s for gambling, are supposed to be releasing images cards only for mining. The cards have been supposed to be in a lower cost than a strong graphics card but might not own a video jack jack. This would permit the costs of GPU to diminish with the rise in supply and additionally decrease in contests between miners and players.

Best ways to mine cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is the process of verifying and adding forms of cryptocurrencies to the block chain ledger. It is also referred to as cryptomining. The work of a cryptocurrency miner is to verify the authenticity of the information and addition of the transaction to the block chain. There are various ways of cryptocurrency mining and I have sampled three of the ways as follows.

Mining with your own laptop/computer.This way of mining requires a good computer that has strong RAM and a good processor, also make sure that it has excellent heating properties since cryptcurrency mining can take long time(many hours), thus if the cooling is not effective, it can get damaged in the long run. You should also make sure that you have good access to electric power, since cryptomining requires many hours of the laptop being plugged in. This method of mining requires one to mine the less competitive cryptocurrencies, thus it is not an excellent way to mine cryptocurrencies since it might also lead to losses owing to the fact that long hours of mining can lead to damaging of your laptop.


The laptop is required to have a Graphical processing unit which is the most helpful part that helps in the mining process, However, this unit might not be sufficient enough to run the mining process and therefore the highly recommended hardware is an application-specific-integrated-circuit(ASIC).This hardware is helpful for improving the speed of the laptop, however, this hardware is very expensive.

Mobile mining.This is a new method of cryptocurrency mining where you use your phone to mine cryptocurrencies. This has been brought about by the large mobile phone ownership and usage in the new era. This might look less probable due to the strong hardware requirements for mining cryptocurrency, but it is also viable through applications that support the cryprocurrency mining activity. It takes time and patience to achieve this but it is a good way to keep your idle smartphone in good use. However it does not work well with all smartphones and these applications also require you join a cryptocurrency mining pool which consist of server-hosted group of miners who provide their computing resources to cracking transactions.

Cloud mining.This is a way of cryptocurrency mining where one to rent/purchase mining resources for the purpose of cryptomining then release them after the objective is achieved, instead of owning your own cryptographic hardware. This method is important since it helps one avoid the hassle of owning the hardware, it also helps avoid the added electricity costs resulting from the mining equipment that require long hours of plugging. However, this method has some disadvantages such as lack of flexibility and control, it has lesser profits since the operators must take their share and this method has a high risk of fraud.

These are some of the ways you can use to mine cryptocurrencies. It is therefore advisable for you to scrutinise the most viable method for you before beginning the process of mining.